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Monday, October 29, 2012

Dark Stone Quest Log 001

And now for something completely different:  As it stands at the moment, my queue of owned games outnumbers those I have played by a good few.  This got me thinking about different ways to present my journey to you, as an audience.  As it stands I had been posting mostly remembrances and musings based on the games I have been playing or have already played, as we venture into new territory however I had been struck with the thought "What if we go on this adventure together."  Therefore, from here forward, I will be posting a quest log update on my journeys into uncharted territory as progress is made into each new game.

To start, I figured, why not begin fresh, with something I have never played, and in all likelyhood, you have never played either.  Thus we enter the world of Darks Stone (two words, although I am often tempted to write it as one... but as you can see on the cover... it is two, separated not by a space, but by a dark stone itself, lending a heavy handed finality to their 'two word' argument.)  Going into this game I know nothing about it.  I had never heard of it before it appeared on the list and furthermore, nobody I know of had ever heard of it... honestly this excites me.  I can tell from the cover that I am in for an adventure involving a wizard of some sort, a grim reaper, a sword brandishing skeleton man, and... a female warrior that... farts... smoke?

The Journey itself begins with an assassin...

Because honestly... when assassin is an option, why choose anyone else?  Sure, warriors are tough I guess, wizards are powerful, but in the end power and strength are just a means to an end, and that end is murder.  As we all know, assassins are pure murder incarnate and therefore stand out as the obvious choice.  (As a side note, anyone who said "What about the white mages on the end?" can just leave the room right now, we are not on speaking terms.)  Also, in my recent experience I have come to expect that all Assassins are well versed in Parkour, and therefore unstoppable.  Thus, as I mentioned, our journey begins with an assassin.

An assassin named Spoomy.  Having the good fortune to be able to choose his name, Spoomy thought long and hard about what name would best fit his character and goals.  Now, he could have chosen something ominous, DarkStalker or even 69Death69, to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents, but Spoomy is smarter than that.  Spoomy knows that the only ally of the assassin is anonymity.  Were he to ever address himself as DeathShadow or any near variant, people would immediately run screaming at the obvious assassin in their midst.  If he introduces himself as "Spoomy" however, the first thought of the locals is likely to be "Oh, well that man clearly couldn't be an assassin."  And so, name in hand, Spoomy ventured off to town...

The town known as "Town," to be precise.  Unimpressed with their naming prowess (as he had every right to be, considering his carefully chosen monicker) Spoomy grew quickly bored with the people in the town of Town.  He did find a chicken however (pictured above) and chased that for a bit before running out the front gate, anxious for adventure.

Having left Town town, Spoomy was promptly confronted by a number of goblins and living skeletons.  It wasn't until this fateful moment that Spoomy realized that he in fact, could not parkour, and therefore would have to fight them.  In that moment Spoomy also realized that he was competely without weapon, having spent more time in Town town chasing chickens than talking with the locals or merchants.  Not to be deterred however, Spoomy pressed onward, punching each of the goblins and skeletons into submission with his bare hands.

After face punching more skeletons and goblins than he could count, Spoomy was lucky enough to find that one had dropped what appeared to be an infinite supply of daggers that Spoomy could throw at his enemies along with a tunic and shield.  Wandering a bit longer Spoomy stumbled upon a hole in the ground with a ladder.  He couldn't quite put his finger on it, but something told Spoomy that he should venture further into the hole, not quite sure why though.

The hole was dark as shit, but Spoomy pressed onward, eventually hurtling enough daggers into the darkness to kill a goblin carrying a torch, which Spoomy lit up before pressing onward. Eventually the caverns gave way to a series of well maintained dungeon corridors, which in turn led to a series of rooms inside the dungeon.

 Inside one of the rooms was a pile of bones.  As Spoomy approached the bones in order to defecate on them for all the trouble their bone cohorts had caused him, a ghost named Riken appeared.  It turns out Riken was a part of some adventuring party that had gone into the dungeon and died.  He asked  if Spoomy would press onward into the dungeon and avenge his death while completing the quest they were too incompetent to complete themselves (some bullshit about a horn or something... honestly, Spoomy was just being polite and nodding as Riken was fairly boring.)  Nearby, Spoomy found a ladder ominously labeled "Level 2."  Spoomy was unsure as to whether or not he was on the right path, but decided to press forward...

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