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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The List

Every journey has to begin somewhere, and mine begins with a list.  In order to complete my goal of owning and playing every RPG ever made for the Playstation, I have to first know what I am shooting for, I need to know my endpoint.  Call this my "World Map," if you will.

As a means to this end, I have scoured the recesses of the internet and cross referenced a number of sources resulting in the following list.  I then cross referenced this list with the complete PS1 price guide from my preferred local gaming shop, Gamedude to assure proper naming and get an idea of what my end cost will be.

The third step to compiling this list was to catch a quick snippet of gameplay footage for each game.  This assured me that each game is indeed what I would consider to be a true RPG of the PS1 era.  This of course, may be a point of contention for any readers, as the definition of an RPG can begin to blur around the edges when applied to a number of games.  Therefore I had to trust my gut and go with what I feel in my soul to be a true RPG.  Therefore some games, such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, or Parasite Eve, which appear on a number of other RPG lists, were removed from mine, as I consider them to be a different genre of game that instead utilizes RPG elements.

The end result is the list we find below.  68 games...

Games in BLUE I own and currently sit on my shelf.
Games in RED I owned at one point, and still may... i need to look into it. (EL is the abbreviation for my parents home town and the game may be there)
Games with STARS next to them I am VERY excited about playing (More stars... more excitement)

001. Alundra*
002. Alundra 2*
003. Arc the Lad Collection*
004. Azure Dream
005. Battle Hunter
006. Beyond the Beyond
007. Brave Fencer Musashi
008. Breath of Fire III*
009. Breath of Fire IV*
010. Brigandine*
011. Chrono Cross
012. Chocobo's Dungeon 2
013. Darkstone
014. Diablo
015. Dragon Seeds
016. Dragon Valor
017. Dragon Warrior VII*
018. Eternal Eyes*
019. Final Fantasy VII
020. Final Fantasy VIII
021. Final Fantasy IX
022. Final Fantasy Anthology (Case? Refurbish?)
023. Final Fantasy Chronicles*
024. Final Fantasy Origins*
025. Final Fantasy Tactics**
026. Front Mission 3**
027. Grandia (EL?)
028. Granstream Saga
029. Guardian's Crusade
030. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
031. Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth**
032. Jade Cocoon**
033. Kartia: Word of Fate
034. King's Field
035. King's Field II
036. Koudelka**
037. Legend of Dragoon
038. Legend of Legaia***
039. Legend of Mana*
040. Lunar Silver Star Story Box Set**
041. Lunar II Eternal Blue Box Set**
042. Monster Seed
043. Ogre Battle
044. Persona***
045. Persona II: Eternal Punishment***
046. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
047. RPG Maker
048. Saga Frontier
049. Saga Frontier 2
050. Saiyuki: Journey West
051. Shadow Madness
052. Star Ocean: Second Story*
053. Suikoden*
054. Suikoden II*
055. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together**
056. Tales of Destiny
057. Tales of Destiny II
058. Thousand Arms
059. Threads of Fate
060. Torneko: The Last Hope
061. Vagrant Story
062. Valkyrie Profile**
063. Vandal Hearts*
064. Vandal Hearts II*
065. Vanguard Bandits
066. Wild Arms (EL?)
067. Wild Arms 2**
068. Xenogears*

est cost: $2601

Yes, as of right now, based on the prices set by Gamedude (seriously check it out I get a tingly feeling every time I go there.) I am looking at a $2601 price tag. Of course, some of the fun of the quest will be scouring auctions and garage sales for deals on any of these titles.
In reasoning with the price I just have to continue to remind myself that in one fell swoop it is less than two weeks pay, and spread out over time it will be less of a burden... however should my wife ever figure out my plan (or read this blog that I am putting on the internet... doh!) then she may very well murder me. So if I stop updating for any signifigant amount of time, we know what has happened.
Thus we have begun the first step of our journey.


  1. Hey, I'm a Newgrounds user. Just read your psot on Chrono Cross, a game wich I played but never finished. I borrowed it from my cousin (never returned it, I'm looking at it now) cause I consider Chrono Trigger the best game ever and RPG the best genre. You're doing a great thing here, keep it up.
    Just one little question: Why is HarvestMoon a RPG?

  2. Thanks man, the encouragement really means something to me. Its also awesome to hear other peoples thoughts and experiences as well so I'm glad I could inspire those those recollections. Chrono Trigger is absolutely amazing and I've got a good couple of memories to go with that (which will be posted at a later date.)

    To answer your question, Harvest Moon is definitely a series that stands in that debatable category I had mentioned, so I had to make a judgement call and can fully accept that I may have made the wrong one. Many people consider it an RPG for many reasons though, especially one of this specific era in gaming. By the strictest definition you ARE embodying the role of a character and playing it through a specific story, the obstacle has simply changed from monsters and battles to farming and economic management. Of course, by that definition most any game could be considered an RPG so to dig further a lot of people consider it one due to its strong focus on resource management, which was a staple of RPGs (especially JRPGs) of the time. Lastly, it is a game that uses as its core mechanics and build, a system that was mainly used by RPGs, so it has the same look and feel as most of the genre.

    All that said however, your post has caused me to re-consider its inclusion on the list. If I can't in good faith include Parasite Eve or Castlevania, perhaps this one belongs in the same RPG hybrid type category. Should people show enough interest, I may open it up to the public to decide, or post the question to newgrounds.

    Thanks for the awesome input.