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Saturday, September 15, 2012

The List - Update 001

Here is the updated list after my latest purchases...

Games in BLUE I own and currently sit on my shelf.
Games in RED I owned at one point, and still may... i need to look into it. (EL is the abbreviation for my parents home town and the game may be there)
Games with STARS next to them I am VERY excited about playing (More stars... more excitement)

001. Alundra*
002. Alundra 2*
003. Arc the Lad Collection*
004. Azure Dream
005. Battle Hunter
006. Beyond the Beyond
007. Brave Fencer Musashi
008. Breath of Fire III*
009. Breath of Fire IV*
010. Brigandine*
011. Chrono Cross
012. Chocobo's Dungeon 2
013. Darkstone
014. Diablo
015. Dragon Seeds
016. Dragon Valor
017. Dragon Warrior VII*
018. Eternal Eyes*
019. Final Fantasy VII
020. Final Fantasy VIII
021. Final Fantasy IX
022. Final Fantasy Anthology (Case? Refurbish?)
023. Final Fantasy Chronicles*
024. Final Fantasy Origins*
025. Final Fantasy Tactics**
026. Front Mission 3**
027. Grandia (EL?)
028. Granstream Saga
029. Guardian's Crusade
030. Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
031. Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth**
032. Jade Cocoon**
033. Kartia: Word of Fate
034. King's Field
035. King's Field II
036. Koudelka**
037. Legend of Dragoon
038. Legend of Legaia***
039. Legend of Mana*
040. Lunar Silver Star Story Box Set**
041. Lunar II Eternal Blue Box Set**
042. Monster Seed
043. Ogre Battle
044. Persona***
045. Persona II: Eternal Punishment***
046. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure
047. RPG Maker
048. Saga Frontier
049. Saga Frontier 2
050. Saiyuki: Journey West
051. Shadow Madness
052. Star Ocean: Second Story*
053. Suikoden*
054. Suikoden II*
055. Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together**
056. Tales of Destiny
057. Tales of Destiny II
058. Thousand Arms
059. Threads of Fate
060. Torneko: The Last Hope
061. Vagrant Story
062. Valkyrie Profile**
063. Vandal Hearts*
064. Vandal Hearts II*
065. Vanguard Bandits
066. Wild Arms (EL?)
067. Wild Arms 2**
068. Xenogears*

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