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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dark Stone Quest Log - 002

Spoomy has been questing for days.  His adventure with the ghost Riken had proven fortuitous indeed.  It was not long into Level 2 that he had become encumbered with loot, and had to use a magic door in order to return to Town town.  Once there he proceeded to sell of his wares and trade in his dagger for a much more effective weapon known as a "shurieken,"which, being that he was clearly in a western fantasy setting, was an object he was somewhat unfamiliar with, however he was assured that it was something to be thrown in the direction of bad things, and that was good enough for him.

Spoomy then spent some time chasing around Town town's only chicken (which he conveniently found was named Chicken,) before returning on his quest.  Shortly thereafter he found himself fighting a Fire Golem, an Ice Golem and finally some kind of evil Wizard.  According to Riken the wizard had stolen the horn of plenty from his home town (which was apparently not Town town).  After recovering said horn Spoomy then proceeded to Riken's unnamed town (which Spoomy dubbed "not Town town")

After returning the horn of plenty to not Town town's mayor "Mayor," Riken gave Spoomy a pretty sweet crystal, which was pretty convenient as Spoomy was immediately informed by the disembodied voice of some wizard that his ultimate task was to collect seven of these crystals to defeat the evil Draak.  Spoomy knew that Draak would be a formidable foe, one with a name equally well chosen as his own.

Continuing on his adventure Spoomy found three more crystals after assisting a fairy to rescue a unicorn, rescuing a baby for the lone survivors of a burnt out and ransacked village and retrieving "The Celestial Sword" from the cavernous depths of... some caverns.

It was at that moment that Spoomy something odd happened.  Up until that point, Spoomy had fallen into a fairly routine flow of "raid four 'levels' of a dungeon, magic door back to Town town, sell everything, profit," however upon his return to Town town with the celestial sword he noticed a giant stone obelisk rise up out of the ground.  The sky turned dark, cracks of thunder rang out through the heavens and suddenly the townspeople of Town town began to turn to stone.

Upon investigation Spoomy noticed something odd... standing right next to the giant stone obelisk, frozen in place (aparently not stone, but frozen none the less)... was... CHICKEN the chicken!  Entranced by the mysterious obelisk, or perhaps worshiping it.  It was quite obvious that Chicken was behind this entire predicament, and Spoomy's instinct to chase him was correct from the start.  Deciding not to let on that he had figured out Chicken's plot, Spoomy searched the rest of Town town.

Quite to his benefit, Spoomy found that not everyone in Town town had been turned to stone, and he would still be able to sell all of his ill gotten gains... the first of which would be that stupid Celestial Sword... because swords are for big dumb idiots who don't know how awesome shuriekens are.

His wallet now full(er), Spoomy left to continue on his adventure...

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