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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A package!

Purchase Date:  9/17/12
Legend of Legia: Estimated value - $50
Saga Frontier: Estimated value - $22
Paid: $35 for both.

When I began Epic RPG Quest, I had hoped that somewhere along the line I would end up with a purchase story better than "Yeah, I wanted that game... so I bought it."  Just something with a little more life to it, a little more personality.  Little did I know that story would come so quick...

To begin, one of my best friends since childhood is a man named Bill Rinaldi, whom is currently working at Nickelodeon as the Martial Arts Coordinator (and if you knew him, you would know that information to be a little bit funny) for the cartoon Legend of Kora.  A few months back he had started a tumblr to keep track of all the details he comes across in his day to day life which has garnered a tidy few followers.

As a favor, he posted to his followers that Epic RPG Quest had begun and linked them to my blog.  As luck would have it, one of his followers named Kelsey (whom may be seen around the internets using the Screen Name "Negai Boshi") responded saying she had acquired two of the games on my list.  Bill gave her my information and she kindly sent me an offer to send the games to me, should I be willing to pay for shipping.

She had informed me that she had bought a Playstation 2, and upon learning this information (and its backwards compatibility)  her mother had been scouring tag sales and the like and buying up every game she could on site.  This led to Kelsey coming into possession of two games, Legend of Legaia and Saga Frontier, which she in all honesty, may never get around to playing.

Overwhelmed by her kindness, I did remember to ask what condition the games were in and she informed me both games were in good and working condition with their cases and booklets still in tact (a minor break in the CD holder of the Legend of Legaia case, but I knew from experience that these are easily swapped out should that feel like a problem).  As I mentioned, I was a bit overwhelmed with the kindness of her offer I felt like it would be dishonest to take it up without letting her know the value of the games she had first.  I then informed her that Legend of Legaia was worth roughly $50 in retail and Saga Frontier was worth about $22.  I then offered to pay her $35 to cover the games and the shipping, knowing this is about what one would get on trade in were she able to find a shop to take them.  She agreed and the exchange was made.

A few days later (yesterday) the above pictured package arrived.  Inside I found two very neatly packaged games...

When removing the games from their bubble wrapped cocoon, I found a kind little note attached to the front of Saga Frontier...

As this note is now a part of my story, I believe I will keep it with Saga Frontier from now on, as a definitive part of my collection.  In the end I ended up with two new games...

and upon inspection I found that Saga Frontier was in very respectable condition, and Legend of Legaia was in pristine condition, disk, booklet and all (She even included an extra bubble wrap pad next to the disk to make sure it didn't bump around in the case), honestly one of the best condition games I've bought thus far (it looks completely un-played).

I very much so look forward to playing these games, as Saga Frontier has always looked to be a beautifully imagined adventure to me and Legend of Leaia is a game that I had played previously and absolutely loved (you may notice it's a 3 stared game on my list... I absolutely cannot wait to play this one again.)

This whole endeavor has convinced me of something that I wasn't quite sure of from the start, and thats the fact that these games are likely to be found in places I never expected.  I half expected my quest to just be non stop trips to gamedude, however it is apparent that these games can be found through online purchases, at tag sales, or even through the kindness of fans (not fans of myself per say, but hopefully I'm winning some over).

So in the end I would just like to say a special thanks to Kelsey, both for the games  and for the story.  I absolutely will be enjoying them.

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