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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Final Fantasy VII - Remorse Upon Reflection

Personal note:  This one was actually hard to publish... I've had it written for a few days now.  I honestly hadn't expected to encounter such self realization simply by exploring the thoughts and feelings surrounding some games I like.

In my initial reflection of Final Fantasy VII I had recounted the anecdote about dating my friend's sister.  This brought up some interesting personal revelations that I feel like I had always considered, but never really expressed in any meaningful way.  First and foremost of which being that I was a complete ass to this guy.

Seriously, if I had to pick any one person in the world that I had mistreated throughout the course of my lifetime, it would be him.  Its crazy when I think about it, I don't even know where to begin, but it seemed like as much as we got along, and were able to relate to one another, the fates were aligned in an effort to doom our friendship and I had been chosen the villain.  Now, of course, I am not ignoring personal responsibility, but these things were more apt to happen just in the course of my being an impulsive hyperactive teen than through any true malicious force.

Yes... I did date his sister and cause his parents to hate me in, what I thought then was a pious act of class hatred (they were a bit better off than I,) but was was in all likelihood just justified parental disdain.

Yes... I did at one point end up making out with his girlfriend (or... ex-girlfriend as of that morning, I kinda didn't know the whole story going into it,) at a concert that we all went to together.

...and yes... I did end up tripping over the wires to his Playstation that first night we were playing Final Fantasy VII causing it to crash to the ground from a shelf and make a very concerning high pitched 'whirr' and not boot up for a while.  (We ended up determining that the cords in the back had loosened from the fall and were able to cobble together a solution to the problem, so, crisis averted.)

I will let you determine which amongst those offenses is worst.  In the end, I had transferred to a different school after a while and never heard much from him again.  I have since wondered what ever happened to him and what I might say should we ever meet.  I think, however, should that ever occur that I will forgo words and just accept the punch to the face that I rightfully have coming.

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