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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Rules

Every game has its rules... hell most aspects of life have rules, so this is no different.  (disclaimer: all rules are not actual rules and should not be treated as such and are therefore subject to change).

1.  I must both collect and play a physical copy of every game on this list.  Fully accepting that some games may be absolutely unbearable I am not putting the restriction of completion on all of them, but I will at least give each one an earnest attempt.

2.  It is about the experience, not the collection.  Although I do desire a rockin' collection in the end (please note "rockin'" is a relative term), the purpose of this journey is to experience and appreciate the games of a specific genre and time, not to obsessively collect or horde them.  To that end I will not scoff at a 'greatest hits' item or a tarnished item, so long as it is playable and in acceptable condition.

3.  Digital downloads, ROMs etc. do not count.  The process and story behind obtaining a physical copy of the game is in and of itself is a part of the experience and therefore will not be circumvented.

4.  (a.k.a. The Spousal Disclaimer)  I will never allow this endeavor to become a financial burden in any way shape or form and will never let it stand in the way of my family or life.  Hobbies are fun, obsessions are creepy.

5.  This is as much a story about myself and my experiences (if not more so) than a story about the games themselves... that's all there is to that one, sorry, deal with it.

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