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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

To The Point...

Now, having caught up with writing up my collection as it currently stands I am left to ponder my quest and where it will be going for the first time since I officially began.  This also inevitably leads to me pondering the question "Why is this important?"  A question that really can, and needs to be asked on multiple levels.

Practically speaking, the answer of course is that it isn't... flat out.  I said it and I'll say it again (although not literally right now, because that would be redundant, and I am nothing if not efficient) but that of course isn't the whole truth.

From a personal standpoint, the task I have set out upon is very important however.  I know there are many who will look at this blog as a self fulfilling desperate plea to cling to one's childhood, and of course the thought had crossed my own mind as well.  From the outset, that is in fact what it looks like, even to myself.  However upon reflection I found that it is so much more than that.  As I had previously mentioned, I am due to have my first child (a daughter) early in 2013, and of course I feel the impending force known as true 'adulthood' closing in upon me.  Of course I realize that I am still very childish in many ways, and that is not likely to change, but I feel like embarking on my journey to collect and play every game I ever desired in my youth I am, in part, completing that part of my childhood as I simultaneously open the next chapter of my life.

The second part to the personal equation is the recording and self discovery this journey may (and has already) cause.  To be honest, this is an idea that kinda snuck up on me.  This all literally began when I spoke with Jeremy (my partner in crime on this one) and basically said "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try and get all of the RPGs for the PS1."  ...that's where I left it.  As we discussed how to go about it he suggested recording the task, half serious and half joking.  Thus the blog began, and already I have seen a tremendous effect on myself and my introspection through the discussion of these games, some of which has led to some incredible self realizations (one of which will be discussed further in my post for tomorrow).

The last standpoint I had considered, is the importance of this journey in a broader social context.  Now, I was never one of those major escapists, or the type of person who considered these characters or games to be the true friends I never had or anything, but I can't deny that they had a huge part in shaping who I am and my world view.  Even if I always saw them as something fun to do when I'm bored, or just another way to tell a story, I am continually finding that they are inherently linked with my development as a person, even just by being there and giving me enjoyment during different times in my life, they are a part of me, as tends to be the case with a lot of pop culture.  In that regard I know that they must be equally important (if not moreso) to thousands (if not millions) of others, and I am more than proud to be a part of that discussion.

So in essence, this journey in and of itself has proven (and will continue) to paradoxically mean both everything and nothing at all at the same time.

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